Finisher's Medal

At the Cleveland Half Marathon & 5k, we take finisher's medals seriously.

Each year, we choose an iconic Cleveland building to represent our race as that year's finisher's medal. This race is Cleveland's hometown half marathon, and we want to honor the beauty and history of our town with the finisher's medals each year. 

The 2019 medal features the historic Hardwick House, now home to the Bradley County Library Archives. You’ll pass this beautiful house just .2 miles from the finished.

IMG_2246 (1).JPG
medal 1.jpg

2017: Craigmiles Hall

In 2017, we held an online vote to choose the building for the first year's finisher's medal. The public overwhelmingly chose Craigmiles Hall! Craigmiles Hall is located at the start/finish area of the Half Marathon and 5k course. This beautiful building is recognizable to anyone in Cleveland.


2018: Hardwick Woolen Mill

We are excited for an even bigger finisher's medal in 2018! This year, the medal is a historical rendition of the Hartwick Woolen Mill, a beautiful mill building that the runners pass at mile 2 of both the Half Marathon and the 5k. The medal measures 3 inches by 5 inches, making it even larger than last year's awesome medal!